Design by Sofia Mourato

Travel photography

Do you like travelling and taking photos but feel that you could still improve your skills?
This masterclass will give you the tools to manage your camera in manual mode controlling what you want to capture in your photos. You will learn techniques of communication and composition and how to take the best of your equipment when traveling.

22May – 26 Jun
Price: 250euros
Limit: 12 students


Lesson 1
Control the camera in manual mode: Aperture/ Shutter speed/ ISO
Measuring Light

Lesson 2
Cameras: Analogue/Digital
Lenses/ Choice of lenses when travelling
Color temperature

Lesson 3
Composition/ The rule of thirds/
Focus/ Point of interest/ Viewpoint

Lesson 4
Portrait/ Landscape
Capture the moment/ Being there/ Telling a story
Communication with strangers/ Contact with locals
Culture/ Daily life/ Respect for people and nature

Lesson 5
Selection of pictures

Lesson 6
Projects presentation
How to elaborate a portfolio
Blogs/ Sharing online

Photographer: Elisabete Maisao


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